Instructions for Use

1. Inspect top of jar for cracks and nicks.

2. Wash, rinse and sterilize jars. Scald lids and rubber rings. Leave in water until ready to use.

3. Fill jars as indicated per canning instructions for that food type.

4. Wipe top of jar after filling. Place lid and rubber ring combination on jar.

5. Screw band on jar loosely. Center lid on jar and hold in place with finger while tightening the metal screw band finger-tip tight.
DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN, seal failures and/or injury may result. Product must be allowed to vent during processing.

6. Precess as per instruction recommended by the USDA for your food type.


8. When jars have cooled, remove metal band and gently lift upward on lid. Sealed jars may be stored without metal bands if desired.

9. When removing lid gently insert butter knife between rubber and jar to release seal - DO NOT USE A SHARP KNIPE.

10. Wash plastic lids and rubber rings, rinse, dry and store for future use. Do not save any rubber ring which is cut or deformed.

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